People ask me if it is necessary to inspect a new house.

8-year-old ranch, nicely done. I go on the roof. I get to the peak of the roof and look left, look right…look left again…to my astonishment, no peak venting! For those that don’t know, peak vents allow hot air to escape from the peak so hot air does not build up in the attic and literally cook the shingles; like eggs on a frying pan.

How many peak vents should be on a roof? Rule of thumb is 1 box vent for every 150sqft of main floor living space. A qualified roofer will calculate this and also provide a wide array of venting options. These shingles should have lasted 20-25 years, top picture shows how brittle the shingles are from being “cooked” over several summers.

So Yes, a new home should have a First Class Home Inspection.